venture across a softly-shaded world of platforms and particles. listen to its whispers and reach the end.

sunset-shaped is a tight and responsive platformer with five challenging levels and a calming atmosphere.


  • interesting and tough level designs
  • simple and accessible controls - a singular jump and movement keys
  • flexible movement to nail the most precise of jumps
  • sweet and peaceful soundtrack and sound design
  • infinite opportunities for challenge runs and modifications

stay safe, sunset-shaped child.

the jam

the 'stop waiting for godot' jam was for new developers to try their hand at godot, and for experienced godot devs to learn a new area. in this game, i focused on getting familiar with particles.

the jam lasts 4 days, but i created this in one day and a bit.


don't worry. many people get stuck at level 3 or 4 or 5. try this playthrough video and see if it can help.


v1.1.1 and v1.1.2 fixes bugs, makes the game smoother, and got rid of the windows crash :)

v1.1.0 now has mod support!

v1.0.5 is a bug patch for v1.0.4. there were many bugs.

v1.0.4 adds a level selector and a screen to show you the time taken for each level.

v1.0.3 fixes a bug where you sometimes don't cling to walls and just slide off them. special thanks to thalia for finding the reason.

v1.0.2 is a minor update that brings about some bug fixes, removing off one block from level 3 to make it easier, as well as a timer and death count. oh, and also a pause screen and resetting levels.

(v1.0.1 was the same thing. except it didn't work.)


[update 8.9.2021] we're on! if you give this game a go, please check it out at :)

we've also got a few challenge runs there if you are a god gamer B)


sunset-shaped now supports mods! you can find and download these mods over at our github organisation. here are how to install them:

  1.  download the mod that you want to install, such as the timer mod - timer.pck. do not rename this .pck file.
  2. open up your game and press f5. a folder called "mods" should open.
  3. put your downloaded .pck file inside. do not rename it.
  4. reopen the game and hope that it works!

want to mod the game? join our discord server (link in my personal website) and get in touch :)


everything in the game, including ost, sound effects, art assets (even the font!), and code were created by bucketfish. special thanks to thalia for finding the source of a huge and obscure bug.

the source code and previous versions of this game can be found at github here.

the ost can be downloaded below.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date Sep 05, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Made withClip Studio Paint, Godot
Tags2D, Cute, Godot, Minimalist, Short, Side Scroller
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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sunset-shaped-linux-v1.1.2.x86_64 57 MB 46 MB
sunset-shaped-win-v1.1.2.exe 56 MB
sunset-shaped ost.mp3 2 MB
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Hi bucketfish, loved this game, felt really well-tuned; it was challenging without being table-flippingly frustrating. We think this is a great fit for our site (Coolmath Games)--if you're interested please email us at Thanks!


Nice! This is a really well made platformer, especially for a jam game!

thank you! i hope you enjoyed it :)


Loved the music , level design and vibe of this game , Really enjoyed it so much!

(1 edit)

the movement on this feels pretty good but I have to stand in the line of people who couldn't make past the "wow, let's go" part and I will blame the web build for now (even though it plays kinda smooth).

I'm most amazed by the fact that you made your own font. thought I was a true solo dev, but now I know I need to step up my game :)

good job!

aw, thank you so much!! :D


This was fun! I love the visual and audio design, the presentation is well done and the gameplay felt polished. Amazing work!


thank you!!!

(1 edit)

went from 27:50.37 and 330 deaths to 2:45.21 and 8 deaths! this is the only game i've enjoyed enough to grind for hours on end to beat my best time and get on the leaderboard :)

jshdjshdhs thank you >.<

(1 edit)

This is super neat! The gameplay feels so smooth, but at the same time snappy enough for a platformer. Really love the whole atmosphere: the colors, the particles, the music. I often feel kinda stressed by platformers, but this one had a calm and cute feeling to it. The gameplay itself is kinda hard at some points but still perfectly possible.

Edit: Oh wow, you did EVERYTHING by yourself? That's impressive. It all fits together quite perfectly!


aaah thank you so much!! i did do everything by myself :) i'm glad you enjoyed it!


42 minutes and over 500 deaths, needless to say I suck at the game. It's really cool though. Really difficult but doable.

wow, congrats!! many people give up at around level 3 or 5. you have Big Perseverance :D

Oh... trust me I considered it  haha.    But I had to get to the end! It was a nice challenge ;3

Played 45 minutes, but just couldn't beat the "I have no choice" part. Still, fun little game - good job!

oh boi! you're this close to beating the game haha. but thank you!!

proud of my 5:43 and 73 deaths ;^)

ooh NICE! that's a pretty good run if it's your first attempt :D 




everyon is speed running while I am happy to have finally beaten thr game at all with 7:20 time and 88 deaths :-D


still well done tho!! i'm glad you're enjoying it :)
if you think speedrunning is cool you can check out my discord server linked in my website, we have a small community here running this game haha. but thank you!!




awesome game!

Ooooooh i like it especially the was jump feels very clean and its very pretty for its simplicity

thank you!! :D


i love this :DDDD i'm stuck at level three HAHA but it's a wonderful game !! the colours are so calming too


asjkfhjka thank you! a lot of people get stuck at level three, good luck if you're still trying to make it :) ajhfdkgj and i super appreciate you supporting my games alskfjsa !!!

It's such a great and beautiful game! The aesthetic and music are superb :-)

Sadly, I'm stuck on level 3 before "woo, let's go!" too :-(

thank you so much !! aaa

i've now updated the game so that level 3 is slightly easier, so maybe you could give it another go 👀 hehe

Oh, thanks a lot, now I could actually beat level 3 and the last two levels :-)

As I said, great work :-D

bealtiful game, very good movement, music and sound effect (simple but effective). I was stuck on the same part too ;-)

I liked the text talking to the player too

thank you!! i'm really like the text too haha. the game is updated now so that level 3 is slightly easier, if you wanna give it another go! 👀


Very pretty! I couldn't get past the jump before the "woo, let's go!" in level 3, though, sadly. I tried everything I could think of.


thank you so much! you could try watching the playthrough video in the description, it might help :)

For what it's worth, I also got stuck at that point; I just couldn't seem to jump that far.  (Lots of landing on the rectangle.)

On the other hand, it's such a relief to play a platformer that doesn't actively hate the player.  Soothing music and color scheme, friendly font, encouragement, adequate it.

aah, thank you so much!

i hope to release a small patch so that players can actually get past level 3. thanks for your encouragement :


Agree game is very beautiful and I love the music and charming atmosphere. Likewise stuck here, found it too tricky to get the timing right


Finally got it, after like a half hour of trying. I got stuck at the same jump on level 5 for a long time too. XD

My feedback would be to improve the way you do the smaller jumps. I would lightly tap it exactly the same, but it would jump at different heights each time.


nice game

the visuals and music were pretty cool

the jump seems kind of buggy and i never made it past level 3 but, its a pretty neat game