planetarium is a short idle-clicker game made for kenney jam 2022 :)

click the sun. gain stars. gain planets. make your planets faster and better. grow a universe! and just keep clicking.

this game was made for kenney jam 2022 in less than 48 hours. the theme for the jam was "growth".

all the graphical assets in this game is made by kenney. the music is created by bucketfish during the jam.

it's a very short and simple game, and i honestly should have been doing my homework instead of working on this, but hey — hope you have fun with it!

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Tags2D, Clicker, Cute, Idle, Space


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aww!! i love it


very cute game 


Fast-clicking (especially by double click mouse button) buy multiple upgrade levels with negative funds.

I call it hidden bank mechanic... (;


oh my god thanks for the bug find haha! or maybe it is a feature... 👁 

Enjoyed it :P



for a game with music that gets annoying after awhile it is decent to kill about 10 minutes, just glad i completed it so i dont have to hear the music again 

i think you picked such perfect music for this!


calm, relaxing, nice and short clicky game :)