into the past touches on subjects such as depression and mental health, as well as implied self-harm and a pen knife. proceed with care!


into the past is a 5-minute exploration game made by bucketfish for ludum dare 48's compo, in under 48 hours. this is the first jam that i've ever participated in, and also the first game i've ever created with godot.

in into the past, you play as a protagonist reminiscing the past and your journey coming out of depression. the theme for the jam is deeper and deeper, and my take on it is going 1) deeper into depression and 2) deeper into the past.


use either arrow keys or wasd to move around and click on the objects that light up to interact with them.


everything in the game, including bgm, sound effects, art assets, and coding was created by bucketfish.

note: the downloads might not run. they've not been tested much.


intothepast_windows.exe 35 MB
Download 23 MB


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This game is very nicely done ♥ Great job ♥


the music is so cute!! <33


I love the charm this game has! also the “recall” mechanic is pretty interesting!! I’d like to see more of it.


It was alright and same i would like to see more maybe a second game.


thank you!! if there's enough demand i might make a sequel or expand on this :D