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box arena is an exciting and adorable roguelike filled with whimsical items and lovable monsters.

play as the curious little adventurer on their quest to reunite the elements in this foreign world. discover a myriad of items and strange creatures on your way - have you heard of the one who's won ten carrot-eating competitions? - and grow stronger in your journey. hack and slash your way through the rooms, and the elemental blade will be yours!

what's that weird slurping sound past the next door?


this game has no mouse controls and is keyboard-only. use arrow keys and space to navigate the menu!

you can also find the ost on spotify here.


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box arena.x86_64 144 MB


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I like how this game has a unique charm that’s the perfect mix between a challenging dungeon crawler and a cute and chill game.

oh my gosh this is SO difficult but super nicely made...

this is so cute i love it!!

I love this so much <3 it can be deceptively difficult and is super repayable. Can't wait for the speedruns to start.. 

a a so cool

(1 edit)

very cute game!! only one small suggestion: maybe the enemies should have a bit more of a "startup time" before they move towards you, it's very hard to move rooms  without getting hit by them at least once (is that intentional?)

anyway i love it !!

the art on this game is so cute it makes me cry a little bit. i am filled with whimsy and joy. just a little blue guy defeating bigger funny guys. that's it. thats so happyful.

bucketfish is goated im their #1 fan btdubs

i wonder who wrote the fishymoo description :0

Hrmmm its a mystery