a pumpkin behind you is an adorable and short narrative-driven game made for the spooky 2d jam 2021.

you're ghostcat. all you want this halloween is some candy - but a certain little pompkin behind you is making that just a tiny bit too difficult.

left and right arrrows to move.

up arrow, space, or enter to knock on doors or to continue dialogue :)

this game was made for the spooky 2d jam 2021 in less than 48 hours. the theme for the jam was "behind you".

everything in this game is created by bucketfish during the jam, with two exceptions: 1) the soundtrack was made for another game a long time ago. however, it is adapted and shortened, and 2) the font was made for another game.

rergardless, all assets and sound belongs to me :)

i hope you enjoy this game!


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arosithien this. this was. oh gosh. this was so precious and. and cute and. adorable and. ohgosh... ;w; so. so precious.

aaaah thank you i'm so glad you liked it gndjkgndjglnjnjsn !!!

this was amazing like great job 



this is adorableee! all of the games you make are so cute and I love them all!


alsfhakjghsjkdghksjg thank you so muchhhh!


this is so cute!  definitely the most charming thing i've seen in a while


alsjhfkjanfbafjsbg so kind of you!! thank you so much u.u


Very cute game, it made me happy <3 Great work!


This was an adventure! Amazing! Had fun playing it. :)


cute game :)


pompkin best plant



Simple and good game but a lot of texts! Keeping it precise for Game Jam should be the priority.


ah! but it's mostly a text-based game... if there were less text there'd be no game fjkdfjkhjdk

but thank you!

As you are submitting for a jam, keeping tons of text would make people lose their patience and they won't rate you that properly. So consider keeping text precise, clear and to the point next time for better retention. 


Yes! Very! 👏
Seriously though, great game. Very cute art style and the sound was very nice!

thank you !!!! aaaa